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BEXAIR’s maintenance and quality assurance staff has extensive experience in overseeing aircraft deliveries, managing aircraft through various completion centres to final acceptance and delivery to the owner. The company’s engineering team, having in depth knowledge on various types of aircraft, assures a competent engineering team for the owner as the aircraft undergoes completion.

Since the interior of an aircraft could be designed and configured to the taste and desire of the aircraft owner, BEXAIR can assist him in advising the optional equipment and interior designs to put in the aircraft and further support in supervising the completion at the aircraft manufacturer’s completion centre.

Furthermore, by supervising the aircraft completion and/or refurbishment, BEXAIR will not only ensure that agreed specifications and options are met, but that also all SBs/ADs are completed prior to leaving the completion centre. This ensures that once the aircraft is accepted, finally delivered and enters into service, it would be fully compliant with all mandatory bulletins from the manufacturer and would not be required to return to the service centre soon after delivery because of such problems/defects. Thus it ensures and enhances operational reliability of the aircraft. The client will draw on BEXAIR’s rich experience in this field and the accumulated expertise by its technical staff – Value addition is guaranteed!!






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